Socks and tights become the protagonists of a dynamic and active world: practical, colorful and functional, but also stylish. Essential, technical and excellent. From their interaction arise overwhelmingly positive synergies; style is expressed in its most authentic, unique and energetic form. Urban attitude and comfort are the links between clean lines and futuristic approaches.The yarn is the lightest in nature and guarantees the best thermoregulation and strength available on the market. It is always dry on the skin and is completely hypoallergenic. The humidity and sweat are conveyed outside the fabric, evaporating quickly. I It guarantees perfect hygiene and is not attacked by moths, insects or other microorganisms. It does not retain bacteria and mold, it prevents the formation of unpleasant odors even after intense physical activity. It is an ecological fiber, dyed from the source with solid additives that do not require disposal.